Working to live or living to work?

Rent Office space in  Ibiza · Work-life balance, flexible working during this summer

Looking for an office? Shared and private offices in the center of Ibiza 


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What to do in Ibiza during the summer? Working to live or living to work?

You go to the beach, you swim, you enjoy water sports, you party and also you may need to work. As we know, living in Ibiza we have too many things to do and there are too many places to discover. Moreover, we work for living not live for working. If you think like us, and you are one of those who don’t live to work, who work to live, here you have a simple way to improve your work-life balance:

Flexible work schedules! Summer passes. Cowork Ibiza becomes your office

Flexible working hours make you more productive, choose  a great place to work, work at Cowork Ibiza and enjoy it! 

Cowork Ibiza is not your typical office space...have a new work experience during the summerHome offices are great, but if life gets a little lonely working by yourself, you might want to consider turning your workspace into a coworking. Welcome to Cowork Ibiza!


Cowork Ibiza: the alternative business Center

Cowork Ibiza, the first Coworking Space in Ibiza: Shared and private offices in the center of Ibiza


Introducing a new office experience catered to the architects, designers, lawyers, psychologists, programmers, landscapist, artists, photographers, video makers, project managers, community managers, agencies, businessmen, entrepreneurs, startups…

Small and large companies,  thinkers and visionaries of today...

We don’t care for cubicles...

 We don’t do conformity...

We certainly don’t believe that four walls and a desk make an office...

Rather than work, a life style:   a way of being, thinking, acting and doing

+info about Renting a meeting room and private office in Ibiza. We share with you our meeting rooms for up to 2 people to bigger space for 20 participants.