circular economy

We Interview Tobias Jansson

Would you please tell us about you?

Hola, I'm Tobias Jansson from Sweden. I'm in Ibiza for one month of "workation", combining freelance work with free time. I first came to the island seven years ago and it really was love at first sight. Since then I've returned at least once every summer and I'm glad to be able to do some work from Cowork Ibiza now.

What kind of services/products do you offer?

The circular economy is a vision of a society where waste does not exist. Everything that we call waste today should be used as food for new processes, either natural ones, or industrial ones. This model has gained momentum worldwide during the last 5-10 years as key to working proactively with our sustainability challenges. I offer lectures on circular economy where I talk about the latest trends within the field. I also fascilitate workshops for businesses on circular design and circular business models, as well as for municipalities on how to get started with circular initiatives.

Freelancers are usually considered obsessed with work. How do you avoid this? What do you do in your spare time... if you have any?

I can really be obsessed with work, yes. Though, for this "workation" in Ibiza I've set up a rule for myself which is that it should be 50% work and 50% leisure, and it has worked out fine so far, taking days off for sun, beaches, exploring the magical nature, and also some nightly musical adventures.

How is your experience working in Cowork Ibiza?

I've been working in a few cowork places, i e in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Göteborg and Stockholm, Sweden and oftentimes I become much more productive working at such places compared to at home. In Ibiza I experience a general energy boost due to the magnificent environment, and Cowork Ibiza has become part of that, giving me an energetic and productive time.

A song, a film and a book

Song: A classic, "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode

Book: "Cradle to Cradle" by Michael Braungart & William McDonough, key to understanding the ideas behind the vision of a circular economy.

Movie: I recently saw a French drama called "Rust and bone" ("De oxidó y hueso") by Jaques Audiard, set in Antibes, France, that dealt with elusive love and fighting spirit, both mental and physical. Great movie that moved me a lot.

Web, blog or social profile were we may know about you or your project

My web page is, a blog about circular economy (mainly in Swedish). Also I'm in Instagram, @tojlercircular is about circular economy, @tojler is personal with photos from travels and some other stuff.