In case you did not know... 'coworking' is the new way of working

Cowork Ibiza is the first coworking space in Ibiza, an alternative business center. A shared office not only helps you to lower your expenses, it is also an opportunity to expand your network of contacts and to promote your activity. Nowadays, your services and products are much more important than having an office with marble entrance and luxurious facilities. Of course, nothing should be missing (a good desk, a good chair, a fast Internet connection). Another important thing to consider is the location of the office (Cowork Ibiza is the city center very close to free parking areas and provides you all these services).

In our space you will find professionals of very different areas: photographers, architects, landscapers, graphic designers, video-makers, Community managers, programmers ... and also psychologists, lawyers, businessmen and agencies ...

Sometimes we believe that the use of new technologies is enough to have your business working. But when you are working from home don’t you feel that there is something you are missing? ... The habit of going to work outside your home allows you to keep separate your work activities from your daily life. This will allow you to disconnect from your work when you return home.

Another thing to highlight of coworking is that while you work on your projects you are never alone. Other coworkers are also developing their own ideas, and you can collaborate with them, ask for an advice…

Now you know it, coworking is the new way of working.

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