The fears of being a freelancer or a coworker...

If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, you will know for sure what we are talking about.

Why in horror films the main character always decides to go in a fearless way, and leaves the comfort of his house in the middle of the night to go somewhere else, alone and separated from his group of friends at the most terrifying moment? The answer might be the same to the reason we’ve decided to be freelancers in the middle of the always present economic crisis: adrenaline, filling alive, and knowing that one day you will be able to overcome Freddy Krueger and your worst nightmare: running out of customers . So, if you're one of us and you enjoy risk, keep on reading…

The shining. This is a terrifying light that appears through the crack of your blind at 7 o'clock in the morning when you haven’t been able to go to sleep yet. You know, if you are self-employed, you are a 24/7 worker.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle . Obviously it is about those customers that give us so much fear. Little by little they start entering your life and, without realizing it, one day you find yourself answering WhatsApps at night and their calls during a Resurrection Sunday. The worst of all is that you do not get in exchange for the effort anything really profitable.

The Omen. It can be summarized with the typical phrase "I told you so". The worst of this terror is that the words come directly from one of your clients ...

The Blair Witch Project. Another classic. This fear is about those projects that never end, no longer profitable and that you cannot get rid of it. The best thing for these cases is to hire a paid assassin. Put a Dexter in your life.

Scary Movie. It is the face that you have left when a potential client tells you that the budget you have presented is too expensive ...

Friday the 13th. Those Fridays of the month that never let you reach the weekend. You know what we're talking about, don’t you?

Paranormal Activity. It is about those activities detected during some meetings with s client. It is about that moment in which he seems to know more than you. Did you hired me or did I asked for a personal teacher?

I Know What You Did Last Summer. It's very easy to answer ... Work, only work, and more work. We know you do not know anything about holidays.

The others. Who are the Others? The biggest enemy of any professional: those people that compete with you without having enough knowledge and for a very low price offer something “similar”.

The Walking Dead…. or should I say… The Working Dead. Easy to explain, work until you die knowing that you will not have a pension. This terror gets more intense when the months pass and you see that your client doesn’t pay your invoices…

Signs. This terror is directly related to your accountant. One day, suddenly you receive a signal, a client tells you that the taxes of your invoices of the hole year are wrong. That's when you ask yourself, shouldn’t my accountant have warned me about this? Where is he now, he is not answering may calls, may be, he has been kidnapped and is part of the Saw games

Scream. W.A.F!... shit.. me cago en…Nooooo!…. Why?!!! …etc…etc. They can come directly from your heart… but some times from those clients you should never let them hire your services.

The Exorcist. This terror usually arises at the end of each trimester. The head turns on itself at the time of presenting the VAT declarations, when you have to organize all the bills and see that, finally, your benefits are not real, that you’ve been working for your country… all goes in taxes...

Even though we are still many months away from Halloween , all freelancers terrors and fear are already here ... However, we encourage you to overcome your fears … despite everything we shouldn’t miss the best of life… that is living… so remember to enjoy the trip!

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Looking for an office in the city center of Ibiza during the summer? / ¿Buscas una oficina en el centro de Ibiza para el próximo verano?


What to do in Ibiza during the summer... working to live or living to work?

You know that in Ibiza we many things to do and many places to discover.... you can go to the beach, swim, enjoy water sports, party... but after all, you may also need to work. In this era it is very important to have a good work-life balance, that is to say, we need nice and proportional distribution of our time. In our shared office you can have a flexible schedule we our summer passes, per days or months.

Cowork Ibiza is not a typical office space... we invite you to have a new work experience during the next summer. Home offices may be great, but life gets a little lonely working by own, you might consider changing your workspace. Welcome to Cowork Ibiza! You can find more information at: or write us to

Qué hacer en Ibiza durante el verano ... ¿trabajar para vivir o vivir para trabajar?

Sabes que en Ibiza tenemos muchas cosas que hacer y muchos lugares por descubrir ... puedes ir a la playa, nadar, disfrutar de deportes acuáticos, ir de fiesta ... pero es posible que también necesites trabajar. En esta época es muy importante tener un buen equilibrio entre el trabajo y la vida, es decir, necesitamos una distribución agradable y proporcional de nuestro tiempo. En nuestra oficina compartida puedes tener un horario flexible con nuestros pases de verano, por días o meses sueltos.

Cowork Ibiza no es una oficina típica... te invitamos a tener una nueva experiencia de trabajo durante el próximo verano. Tener tu oficina en casa puede ser cómodo, pero trabajando solo tu vida se vuelve un poco aburrida y a veces improductiva... si es así, deberías considerar cambiar tu lugar de trabajo... ¡Eres bienvenido en Cowork Ibiza!

Puedes encontrar más información en: o escribirnos a

Cowork Ibiza location of free parking areas / Ubicación de Cowork Ibiza y zona de parking gratuito  Fuente: Google Maps

Cowork Ibiza location of free parking areas / Ubicación de Cowork Ibiza y zona de parking gratuito

Fuente: Google Maps

In case you did not know... 'coworking' is the new way of working

Cowork Ibiza is the first coworking space in Ibiza, an alternative business center. A shared office not only helps you to lower your expenses, it is also an opportunity to expand your network of contacts and to promote your activity. Nowadays, your services and products are much more important than having an office with marble entrance and luxurious facilities. Of course, nothing should be missing (a good desk, a good chair, a fast Internet connection). Another important thing to consider is the location of the office (Cowork Ibiza is the city center very close to free parking areas and provides you all these services).

In our space you will find professionals of very different areas: photographers, architects, landscapers, graphic designers, video-makers, Community managers, programmers ... and also psychologists, lawyers, businessmen and agencies ...

Sometimes we believe that the use of new technologies is enough to have your business working. But when you are working from home don’t you feel that there is something you are missing? ... The habit of going to work outside your home allows you to keep separate your work activities from your daily life. This will allow you to disconnect from your work when you return home.

Another thing to highlight of coworking is that while you work on your projects you are never alone. Other coworkers are also developing their own ideas, and you can collaborate with them, ask for an advice…

Now you know it, coworking is the new way of working.

More information at:

Por si no lo sabías… "coworking" una nueva forma de trabajar

Cowork Ibiza es el primer espacio de coworking en Ibiza, es un centro de negocios alternativo. Está demostrado que compartir oficina no solamente contribuye a bajar los costos fijos, sino que constituye una oportunidad para ampliar tu red de contactos y potencia tu actividad. En los tiempos que corren es mucho más importante el servicio y los productos que brindas que tener una oficina con entrada mármol y lujosas instalaciones. Eso sí, tampoco debe faltar nada (un buen escritorio, una buena silla, una veloz conexión de internet) y si la oficina está bien ubicada, mucho mejor (Cowork Ibiza está en el centro de la ciudad muy cerca de parkings gratuitos)

En nuestro espacio trabajamos profesionales de los más variados: desde creativos, fotógrafos, arquitectos, paisajistas, diseñadores gráficos, video-makers, Community managers, programadores… hasta psicólogos, abogados, empresarios y agencias…

Hoy con las nuevas tecnologías a veces creemos que basta con conectarnos a internet desde casa, pero ¿acaso no sientes que te estás perdiendo algo?... El hábito de ir a trabajar fuera de casa te permite separar tus actividades laborales de tu vida cotidiana, esto significa que cuando vuelves a casa logras desconectar realmente. Organizarse siempre es beneficioso.

Otra cosa para destacar es que mientras trabajas en tus proyectos no estás solo, los demás coworkers (así se denominan a los compañeros de trabajo de un coworking) están también trabajando en sus ideas y puedes dar y pedir consejos… qué más…

Ahora lo sabes, coworking… la nueva forma de trabajar.

Más información en:



¿Necesitas dar clases de repaso o quieres dictar un curso y no encuentras el sitio adecuado?. Tenemos la solución ti. Tienes a tu disposición dos aulas/salas según tus necesidades:

  • Aula/Sala con capacidad hasta 6 personas.

  • Aula/Sala con capacidad hasta  20 personas.

Puedes reservar online de manera rápida y fácil en nuestra web. Las tarifas son por horas, media jornada y por jornada completa. Además, puedes comprar pases para que el precio por hora sea más económico.

Si quieres dar clases la falta de espacio no puede ser una excusa! Tienes a tu disposición nuestro espacio en el centro de Ibiza y a un precio increíble. Sin permanencia mínima, sin costos adicionales.



Do you need to give support classes or do you want to teach a course and cannot find the right place to do it ?. We have the solution for you! Cowork Ibiza classrooms:

  • A classroom/meeting room with capacity up to 6 persons

  • A classroom/conference room with capacity up to 20 persons

You can book online easily on our website. Our rates are per hour, half and full day. You can also buy passes to save money.

If you want to dictate classes, the lack of space should not be an excuse anymore! You have at your disposal our classrooms in the city center of Ibiza and at an incredible price. Without minimum contract commitment or any other additional costs.