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Some years ago in Ibiza there were only few options to work as a freelancer. You could either work at home or you could rent an office on your own. This is the reason why in January 2015, we decided to found Cowork Ibiza, the first coworking space of the island. The idea was to establish a new way of working and understanding work. In our shared office we’ve reconfigured a traditional work space with modern designs. It is also comfortable and well equipped¡, we have a drinking water source, high speed internet and we are streetside located in a strategic place, and very close to large and free parking areas. Summing up, you have everything you need to develop your activities.

Cowork Ibiza is also one of the most creative and visionary working communities on the island, that’s why we have been the reference for those who came afeter and decided to follow our steps in similar projects. This is because we are a dynamic, collective, digital and innovative space. We have a variety of memberships, easily accessible, with short, medium and long term contracts that allow growth and change to any need.

In the artistic field, our shared office changes its atmosphere periodically, because me use the space as an art gallery. The exhibitions we organize keep the office in constant motion.

In 2018 we’ve introduced an online booking system for our meeting room and our conference room and photo studio. We also incorporated an automated access door, so you can get in without keys.

We always try to stay at the vanguard of innovation, for the convenience of the users of our services.

Companies of all kinds and from several parts of the world:have been working at Cowork Ibiza. Different types of employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers, advertising and communication agencies, service companies, real estate agents, artists, architects, lawyers, programmers, psychologists ... all kind of people that are looking for an alternative model, challengind old structured work systems.

Our goal is to provide working life of residents of Ibiza a warm and colaborative place to work.. Whatever your goals might be, we encourage you to share it with us. If you have the support of a professional coomunity you will be able to reach your goals and when you do it you will not be alone.

We invite you to try Cowork Ibiza. WE ARE COWORKING…

founders & co-CEOs

We are Sandra (Psychologist) and Salva (Photographer), Who would ever thought that the combination of our very different skills would be the origin of the first coworking space in Ibiza? Psychology and design are the key to creat positive environments that foster connectivity, creativity and to allow a working community with a balance between personal and work life. Our strategic priority is to promote social connections and networking, to help to improve your business and also your life quality. This was the idea when we started this project,


Sandra B. Císcar - www.sandraciscar.com

I was born in Valencia and I live in Ibiza since 2013. As a psychologist, I know the benefits of collaboration, especially in the place where adults spend most of their hours: ar WORK. Mental health is an important part of how we feel about our work, performance, interaction with colleagues, suppliers and customers. The idea is simple and at the same time powerful: professionals work better together than alone

Salva Carbó - www.salvacarbo.com

I am also from Valencia and live in Ibiza since 2010. From an artistic point of view, environment is the key when developing new projects. As a professional photographer, I know the importance of promoting the artistic view. If we manage to coordinate a playful way fo working, we will be able to modify the way we live.. This new idea replaces the old belief that work takes time away from our lives, actually work is a very interesting part of life.

Coworking as a model of organization and a work philosophy was in the beginning only for the developers of the so-called "startups". In recent years, entrepreneurs and freelancers, together with a growing number of companies of all sizes, are exploring this new work model.

To keep on improving our services, we`ve added an extension of a big conference room located in Sant Antoni de Portmany (Ses Païsses), and since 2019 Joaquín joined our team as Coworking Manager.

Joaquín R. Argés - www.argesabogadoibiza.com

I was born in Argentina, I have been living on the island since 2010. After validating my law degree, I kept on working as a lawyer in Ibiza. For a while I was looking for a nice place to work without the formalities of traditional law firms. When I found out that there was a coworking space in Ibiza I didn’t doubt it and signed in. Now I combine my legal work with the cowork management. I enjoy being part of this creative community. All this energy is contagious and motivates you.

We are very excited about what the future. We will keep on improving and redefining innovative ways of working, in order to transform our daily life into a rich and more productive experience.



We introduce you some of the professionals of our community. We not only share an office, coffee breaks, but also interests and ideas!



DANI BOLUDA  -  biluda.com

DANI BOLUDA - biluda.com

ROSA  - Serveis Cala Net

ROSA - Serveis Cala Net

MONTSE  - Serveis Cala Net

MONTSE - Serveis Cala Net

IVÁN  - Arquitecto

IVÁN - Arquitecto

SALVATORE  - Diseño y videos

SALVATORE - Diseño y videos

LUIS  - crealizando.es

LUIS - crealizando.es

FELIPE  - crealizando.es

FELIPE - crealizando.es

Other coworkers that have also worked at Cowork Ibiza

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