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What is Cowork Ibiza?

It’s the space designed to take you out from home. Yes, we know that there’s no place like at home… so, don’t worry, you will be able to go back every day!  At Cowork Ibiza you have the ideal conditions for working, developing your best projects and, if you want to… for sharing your interests and proposing your ideas, not matther how crazy they may seem. We have focused our creative efforts on building this place for those of you who wish to: prosper, learn & surprise!


We were convinced of  “we are not alone, there is someone else out there with the same needs than us…” so we decided to give shape to this meeting place of restless minds designed for working.


To Create and to take care of this place so that everyone who shares it feels comfortable. To create a community of entrepreneurs and to enable the cooperation and personal development through an innovative and dynamic working space.


We love sharing, we believe that the working organization has changed, we believe in collaborative projects and in socially responsible entrepreneurs. We think that happy people are those who do the most productive and creative work.

Rather than work, a lifestyle

The Working Space

Cowork Ibiza is a highly contagious space! It’s an unstoppable or non-stop incubator of projects, purpouses, skills, emotions, humor, fun, creativity … Respect, trust, autonomy, collaboration, participation and flow virus are transmitted.
Any coworker is immune. The effects of this epidemic have converted Cowork Ibiza into a happy space where coworkers have good feelings, they feel good and they feel free to create and develop their own projects. We are busy doing what we love! What else can we ask for?

CoworkIbiza , a way of being, thinking, acting and doing



There is no need to work alone at home anymore! We will provide you a workspace, there you will find everything you need to start and run your bussiness. There will be a before and an after of your way of working. Yourself will thank you. In the past, conceptshare was related to poor people, nevertheless, now a days it is the smartest workstyle option for today’s workers!


Formation/ Training

Keep your brain ticking over, awaken your creative spirit and widen your knowledges. Keep an eye on our web site and don’t forget to check out our newest courses. We will share useful knowledges and exchanges of information, so your suggestions are always welcome! We also offer private and group coaching psychology sessions for entrepreneurs and companies.


Meeting & training spaces

If you need a space from time to time, we provide a wide variety of spaces where you can meet with clients, make presentations, give courses, etc.
You will also find our professional PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDY with a PROFOTO © lighting equipment and an equipment hire for photo and video.


Rates Workspaces


200 €/m

  • M-F 9:00h a 20:00h (11h.)
  • 50% discount on the meeting room
  • Fixed station +25€/Month.
  • * Prices include 21% VAT.



  • M-F 9:00h at 14:00h or 15:00 at 20:00h. (5h/day)
  • 50% discount on the meeting room
  • Fixed station +25€/Month.
  • * Prices include 21% VAT.

Bonds Days and Hours

· Flexible · 20€ full

. Cadira i taula per a poder treballar a gust.

.Connexió a internet WIFI 100Mb (va com un llampec )

. Zona de descans amb aigua i màquina de cafè i infusions.

. Una taquilla per a guardar les teves coses (recorda portar el teu cadenat).

.Impressora laser a color en xarxa per a poder imprimir documents (impressions no incloses però a preu popular per a coworkers).

. Sala de reunions on podràs fer les teves vídeo conferències o reunir-te amb altres coworkers per a parlar de projectes que segur tindreu en comú.

. Aire condicionat perquè no passis fred ni calor.

. WC adaptat a minusvàlids.

Rates & work spaces

Meeting Room

Max Capacity: 6 pers.
Table with chairs
Office area with coffee
1h. 15€
Part time 50€
Full time 90€

Multi-functional Room

Max Capacity: 25 pers.
Sound System
Office area with coffee
1h. 15€
Part time 50€
Full Time 90€

Photo Studio

Cyclorama cardboard 3 colors
Black, white and chrome
Sync Cable
Dresser mirror lights
Robe Costume
Office area with coffee
1h 15€
Part time 50€
Full time 90€
Assistant 25€/h

The first coworking space in Ibiza


If hundreds of you have any questions or just want to contact us, we will attend gladly .

  • E-mail

  • Phone

    971 39 17 54

  • Atreet address

    C/ Murcia, 10 Local 15
    07800 IBIZA – Islas Baleares (Spain)

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